The Great Escape


Released 2016.

"Wilmington, North Carolina singer/songwriter Andy Bilinski has been busy since the release of his third EP ‘Snow’s Cut Park’ last year. Hot off a European circuit the musician directly returned to the studio. And its little wonder, one listen to his last album or a glance at the name of his newest venture, ‘The Great Escape,’ reveals a renewed focus on the theme of passing time." As a whole, Bilinski’s work on ‘The Great Escape,’ shows growth in both song and lyrical composition from his past work. The new album feels so much more filled out than ‘Snow’s Cut Park,’ by virtue of attention to backing instrumentation and a more layered, dynamic direction. While the album’s primary vehicle remains the acoustic guitar, fiddle accompaniment and piano melody go to great lengths in creating continuity and an over-all fuller sound. There is a great deal of sadness and searching on ‘The Great Escape,’ to be sure that fact remains lockstep with past endeavors, but the album also shows promising signs of a positive future." - No Depression Magazine / Raymond E. Lee

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