Andy Bilinski is a singer- songwriter from Wilmington, NC. 
After establishing firm roots in the mid- to late-90's NY indie- 
punk/indie rock scene, when members of his band  took to different roads Andy relocated to NC and picked up an acoustic guitar.  Armed with honest, introspective songwriting, youthful exuberance, and a hint of tongue-in-cheek wit, Andy then set off to mingle around the world.  Bursts of shows across the US and Europe, supporting and headlining have helped Andy establish a loyal fanbase. “Snow’s Cut Park” builds on his first record, “The Meaning Behind Nothing Is Everything,” but as songwriting goes,  his latest record, " The Great Escape" stands leaps and bounds above anything he’s ever done. Reflecting a message of hope among heartbreak, Andy’s songs speak to the dreaming, nomadic wanderer in all of us.