Andy Bilinski is a New York born, North Carolina based Singer and Songwriter. 

At a young age in his life, he was surrounded by music and musicians due to his father being a booking agent for many local and national top touring groups in the 1980’s. He first started out playing in indie-punk rock bands around the greater NY region before drifting to North Carolina in his early 20’s. It was there where he turned to acoustic guitar in search of a new truth and more bare-boned approach to songwriting.  The move proved to stick.  Now, more then a decade under his belt as a touring and recording artist, he just completed his 5th record (due out in 2019) and 11th tour abroad. His sound is soulful, hopeful, and at times haunting.  His vast array of influences from folk, rock and pop to early country and R&B can all be heard in his music.  His heart-felt way of crafting songs about lost dreams, broken lives and rising above the odds flow like a river in his repertoire.